Nutritional coaching

Nutrition accounts for at least 50% of success

So your diet plays a key role in achieving your goals!
No matter if it is about weight loss, muscle building or health improvement ...
First of all, I would like to find out together with you what your body needs to achieve its goals!

Then to see what you should put in your shopping cart; and what better

When creating your nutritional program, I make sure that it can be reconciled with your everyday life and your habits.

With the help of a food diary we learn what the current state of your diet and your habits looks like, as well as the number of calories you eat and how the distribution of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is.

The calorie that only makes you shrink when you hear or read the name is nothing more than the energy unit for our body ... like the fuel for the car...
However, how many kcal should you eat?

A SenseWear analysis enables us to find out how many calories you actually use in everyday life!

Furthermore, we can determine how effective your daily activities are and whether you also get enough regeneration.

Based on these two analyzes (diary and possibly SenseWear) we can jointly develop a nutritional strategy that will optimally get you to your goal
Bei dringendem Bedarf besteht auch die Möglichkeit der Erstellung eines individuellen Ernähungsplanes, der Deine likes beinhaltet und dislikes aus läßt.


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Calorie requirement calculator

What my customers say

Peter is the most Knowledgeable personal trainers I’ve ever met. He is very nice calm safe to train from.
It is good location easy to get to.

Darnell McDonald

Darnell McDonald

I was made aware of Peter Kumm by a friend of mine because I have very strong back pain and I was urgently looking for a personal trainer. I've been with Peter Kumm for a few months now and my back pain was gone after only 2 training sessions. It helped me so much and was also fun that I continued to use his training sessions. The special thing about it is that Peter is very individual based on you. Thank you for being there.

Rostia Bajtek

Rostia Bajtek


Peter is a friendly, experienced trainer and the training he offers is motivational, focused and adjusted to ones needs, goals and skill level. His fitness studio is well equipped, clean and easily accessible as it is close to a central subway station near the city center.

Odysseas Paschos

Odysseas Paschos

Tennis Player

Peter is an awesome trainer to work with: he is a positive and strong man with kind and sincere intentions to help you! If you are a beginner, he will teach you everything and will be supporting you throughout the entire journey to the body of you dream.

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens