See the whole person - not just his fitness

Nowadays most people invest more money in your health insurance, your car or your mobile phone than in your health and your body!
Due to constant commitments and appointments, there is a permanent feeling of not having time;
z.B. um etwas für die Fitness & vor allem für die Gesundheit zu tun.
Only a fit body and mind can survive everyday stress without being damaged.

Zeit hat man nicht!
Zeit nimmt man sich!
Nimm Dir die Zeit für Dich!

Enjoy being fit sieht Dich als ganzheitlichen Menschen.

With the combinations
  • individual personal training to increase your physical fitness with exercise
  • Frequencies for HEALY's health cell stimulation & energizing
  • qualitativ höchst wertvollen Nährstoffen von RAIN International
  • Therapy-certified massages of the "N5" couch from NugaBest

the 3 most important pillars of well-being are given:

  • Move
  • nutrition
  • regeneration

What is very important to me in personal training with my customers:

1. Exercises perform healthy!

2. Develop body awareness!
(the respective Feel musclesthat are addressed with a specific exercise)

3. fun at the training!

Success in just 5 steps:

Step 1:


By telling me about that contact form or by Email or by calling,
you have already taken the first step.
One or the other question could already be clarified and a first appointment possibly made.

Step 2:

Personal meeting

Since a basis of mutual trust is an important prerequisite for successful cooperation, we will start a personal discussion without obligation at the beginning.
Here you have the opportunity to get information about the procedures in personal training, get questions answered directly and describe your wishes and expectations to me.

Step 3:


The check-up is a questionnaire developed by me, with which I can get a first picture of e.g. Can make your current state of health or your previous training experience.
In addition to the anamnesis (“previous history”), contact data and body data are also recorded here.
All of this data will of course be kept strictly confidential and used purely for the purpose of your advice!

Step 4:

Training design

Now it starts!
Your training will be structured in such a way that you will warm up after about 5-6 minutes (which is also important for tendons, ligaments and muscles!),
you also carry out a 5-8 minute special preparation phase for the training; the so-called "rolling".
Afterwards, the time is used effectively to fully address your goals and wishes in the individual main part of the personal training and to train accordingly.

Step 5:

Nutritional design

Surely you have heard at some point that nutrition is very important to achieve your training goal. But did you also know that it accounts for at least 50% of the success?
Together we will discuss your diet and answer your questions.
Furthermore, I will of course give you tips on how you can increase your performance through nutrition and optimize your success.

Auf Anfrage, ist es natürlich auch möglich, das ich Dir einen individuellen Nutrition plan write that is adapted to your goal and your eating habits.

Only a fit body and mind can survive everyday stress without being damaged.

What my customers say

Peter is the most Knowledgeable personal trainers I’ve ever met. He is very nice calm safe to train from.
It is good location easy to get to.

Darnell McDonald

Darnell McDonald

I was made aware of Peter Kumm by a friend of mine because I have very strong back pain and I was urgently looking for a personal trainer. I've been with Peter Kumm for a few months now and my back pain was gone after only 2 training sessions. It helped me so much and was also fun that I continued to use his training sessions. The special thing about it is that Peter is very individual based on you. Thank you for being there.

Rostia Bajtek

Rostia Bajtek


Peter is a friendly, experienced trainer and the training he offers is motivational, focused and adjusted to ones needs, goals and skill level. His fitness studio is well equipped, clean and easily accessible as it is close to a central subway station near the city center.

Odysseas Paschos

Odysseas Paschos

Tennis Player

Peter is an awesome trainer to work with: he is a positive and strong man with kind and sincere intentions to help you! If you are a beginner, he will teach you everything and will be supporting you throughout the entire journey to the body of you dream.

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens